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TempXpert is the highly dedicated suppliers of wireless & wired monitoring systems for variance monitoring requirements. All these monitoring systems are erect to meet standard for requirements of ISO, CAP, USDA, FDA, JC and many more. These monitoring systems are invented with an aim to have control over the environmental aspects. A number of monitoring systems are manufactured while keeping all the requirements of different areas in mind.These devices are pertinent to work automatically and to keep record of each and every fluctuation in temperature or humidity. All the monitoring systems are built with use of new wireless technology that has reduced the cost of installing temperature monitors. TempXpert has brought all the latest ideas in market to keep record of temperature changes and also to alert the related human.

Product Range

Various Monitoring Systems

Wireless Temperature Monitoring System.

TempXpert wireless temperature monitoring system enables you to gauge the temperature indoors and outdoors without making rigorous efforts. We have assorted variety of wireless thermometers specified to your dissent necessities. The wireless technology has higher demand as compare to wired one due to its emerging features for data logging.

Hospital Temperature Tracking Systems.

TempXpert has personalized wide variety of temperature monitoring systems that are usual to monitor temperature of home, server room, hospital, warehouse and many more. With the hospital temperature tracking systems, it is easy for you to track temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen in the different departments.

Refrigerator Temp Monitoring System.

TempXpert has manufactured high performance, inexpensive and standard refrigerator temperature monitoring system. Refrigerator is such device that is used to monitor the temperature of any cold room or freezer in order to maintain specific temperature for several food products. 

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System.

TempXpert is the finest supplier offers innovative monitoring solutions for a number of monitoring applications. We specialize in the production of temperature and humidity monitoring system that helps you to track environment anywhere while you want. 

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